Our Story

Oh hi, here in CASASPACE

Since our inception, we have evolved from furniture sales to establishing our manufacturing capabilities and operating our factory. Today, we make effortless silhouettes that celebrate the transformation of indoor and outdoor furniture. We have pioneered a diverse style practice that focuses on how individuals feel in their home spaces.

Our Vision

Our vision is guided by customers' interests--how better furniture affects us or what it means to find joy in products that design exactly how you want them to.

Our Mission

We have a simple mission: think of better solutions, create better products, help people enjoy theirleisure time they love.

Why We ?

Whether you're just getting home or enjoying your leisure time, Casaspace is your daily curate to create cozy life in the everyday.

Artistic--Extremely Artistic

Sustainable--Caring For Our Planet

Skin Friendly--Fabric Craft

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