1.Choose your style   

 Shop our collections to find your favorite style. we’ve got pieces for every taste, designed to complete any space. Just tell our customer service which one you like.

2. Choose your custom size  

   Our furniture is hand-crafted by our own factory, and custom-designed by you to seamlessly fit into your life. Each of our furniture can be customized in a variety of sizes and orientations ensuring you get exactly as much or as little furniture as you need to fill your space.

3. Choose your material

Once you choose your favorite material and color, we will send you the actual fabric video under natural light.

Qualified Designers -All our stylists are qualified interior designers, and it is their mission to bring your dream to life.

Tailored to you -Each experience is unique - we tailor our response based on your vision, needs, budget and lifestyle.

Show you the real color- Found a fabric that takes your fancy? Unsure on which timber color? We’ll send your videos of the fabric in different light.

No obligation to purchase -Our service is totally free, and we’ll never pressure you to buy anything - that’s a promise.


Loop Fleece Fabric-Design No.S20010A

Loop Fleece Fabric-Design No.LT20001A

Velvet Fabric-Design No.HLR

Velvet Fabric-Design No.WD18336A

Velvet Fabric-Design No.Palladium

Velvet Fabric-Design No.SAT1805

Leather-Design No.Mazda

Leather-Design No.LandRover

Leather-Design No.58

Cotton-linen Blend-Design No.LT19023A

Cotton-linen Blend-Design No.WD20148A

Cotton-linen Blend-Design No.WD20031A

Cotton-linen Blend-Design No.XW001A /XW002A

Fabric-Design No.S14023B2

Fabric-Design No.R14013A2

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